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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy defines how the information you submit via will be used.

Data is collected and stored via Reform.

Here are the types of data being collected and how they will be used:

  • Email: Your email address will only be used to keep you up to date on fixing Section 174. It will not be shared with any other organizations or used for other purposes.
  • Name: Your name will be used for signing the Coalition Letter. It will not be otherwise disclosed.
  • Company Name: Your company name will be used for signing the Coalition Letter. It will not be otherwise disclosed.
  • Address: Your city and state will be given in the Coalition Letter. Your full address will be used for determining which Congressional District you live in, but it will not be disclosed. Your full address will not be disclosed. We may reach out to you to help you reach out to your policymakers. Your Congressional District may be anonmyously disclosed to assist with this effort, but never combined with any identifying details. (For example, we may make a list of all Congressional districts where signers live.)
  • Impact: The free-form text you put in the box asking for the impact of Section 174 on you will only be used in an anonymized manner. For example, it may be paired with your Congressional District to communicate to policymakers the impact Section 174 is having in districts. It will not be used with any identifying details, and any identifying details you include in the Impact text will be anonmyized before being shared.

All data will be deleted after the effort concludes (i.e. Section 174 is fixed).

The Small Software Business Alliance is an effort being organized by Michele Hansen. It is not an official organization. She is the only one with access to all data submitted. If you have any questions or want your data deleted, please contact me.