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    Are small software companies at risk of ruin this tax season? Understanding Section 174, 3/30/2023

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    This US tax change could kill your business (and it already took effect!)

    Michele Hansen, Co-Founder, Geocodio

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    Small Businesses Face Big Tax Bills From Research-Deduction Change

    Richard Rubin, 3/17/2023

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    "This is an absolute cluster."

    Derrick Reimer, founder of SavvyCal

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    "This will dramatically increase the amount of tax that you pay."

    Justin Jackson, founder of

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    R&D isn’t a bargaining chip: Congress must support American innovation

    David J. Kautter, 4/11/2023

Join 600+ small software business owners
and community members who've joined in

The Small Software Business Alliance is an informal group of small software business founders and other community members organizing because of the Section 174 changes. We recognize this is an existential threat to anyone who builds software, and that we need to get organized.

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